Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Trip Through the Idea File, Part 2

Hello, all; happy nearly-the-end-of August.  It's especially happy for me because I'm headed off to DragonCon with some of my best friends in two days!  ...which means I'm frantically making sure I have everything set before the trip, not an easy task when I still have to work and plot and find time to relax and holy crap I need to get to bed soon.  O_O

So, in lieu of an actual entry, I'm going to take a bit from an earlier entry and grab a few interesting bits from my idea file to share with y'all.  These are presented without context or explanation, and especially without editing.  This is a brief glimpse into the inside of my head, or at least, what comes out of my head and gets formed into words.  I promise it'll be weird; I will do my best to keep it interesting.  Let's see...

"The knights find and awaken her, which unseals the great evil – her first words when she awakes are “You idiots”."

"All the past is only legends.  We didn’t rebel because we were now like them.  If you see a dragon, you’ve already lost.  The world is all theirs now, used to be ours but draconic magic changed everything."

"(Note that the slave must be of a species that has people who are also in the empire, showing that it’s not her race that makes her a slave, but her failure to submit.)"

"“How do you steal your own wedding?”"

"Then came the sound of someone knocking on all the doors in his apartment complex, and when he answered, a barbarian woman was there.  And she needed a ride."

"Not sure how the flying thing will happen, but I definitely want to still have her riding the bomb at the start of Act III."

"The magistrate’s daughter has ancient magical formulae tattooed onto herself in an attempt to both understand them and keep them from being lost again.  This will be significant and possibly life-saving at some point."

"At some point, this will involve a stolen gnomish magical autocannon."

And finally, this is from a specific story, but I think it could apply to most of the things I develop enough to start making into stories:

"This is crazy but it might work."

Hope everyone enjoyed this, or at least found it interesting.  :P  I'll be off for a long weekend of running around in costume and generally geeking out and staying up way, way too late.  Good times, of course; there's a reason we do this every year.  Bwa ha ha.

Next week: IWSG: When to Let Go.


  1. Some of those are quite funny, like the barbarian woman needing a ride.
    Have a great time at Dragon Con. Always thought about going, but I just hate Atlanta traffic.

    1. Yeah, that's one of those stories where I had the initial idea and nothing since. I hope I can make it work out someday.

  2. Heh. I like them. That last one that's story specific sounds a bit like a "here, hold my beer" situation. Because, you know, you always have the best ideas when there's alcohol involved.

    1. Why do you think I usually drink a little when I'm plotting or writing? :P Though the story's heroine is the sort who would do her crazy stuff while holding her beer... and never spill it.

  3. Some definitely had me smiling. Love it :)

  4. I like the first one!
    I have a notebook full of random ideas like this.

    1. I think I would have forgotten so many things if I used a regular notebook for this. >_< Having them in a file means I can easily cut-and-paste them into their own files when it's time to make them into real plot documents.