Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Accidental Warlock: What it's All About

Shiloh Donovan dreams of a book only she can see.  When she finds the book, she wonders if the gods sent those dreams, until a disembodied demon bursts forth from the book and attacks her.  The demon speaks an incantation that forcibly changes Shiloh's vision - she sees magic as raw power that she can manipulate.  Shiloh uses this new power to close the book and banish the demon, but when she contacts her parents and they're concerned but not surprised at the turn of events, she realizes they know something.

To make matters more complicated, on that same day, Alexi RiLeon arrives.  She's there to settle a business deal with Shiloh's family, a deal that involves Alexi's marriage to Shiloh's older brother.  Shiloh takes Alexi to Donovan Manor, where Shiloh's parents reveal the truth:

Shiloh is adopted, and her birth parents were part of a demonic cult that prepared her before birth to be a new body for the demon Ak'tagth.

Dealings with demons are forbidden in her homeland, so Shiloh agrees to hide at the family's safehouse.  Alexi asks to delay the business dealings, and goes with Shiloh.  But the portal to the safehouse instead sends them to a seaside city hundreds of miles away.  Shiloh and Alexi realize what this means - the demon's people are working inside Shiloh's home, and altered the portal to send her elsewhere.

Now, far from home with cultists and demons coming after them, Shiloh and Alexi must find a way back.  The changes Ak'tagth wrought within Shiloh grow harder to ignore, yet that altered view of magic may be the only way she and Alexi survive the journey.

And on top of all that, Shiloh is falling hard and fast for Alexi.

Kind of reads like a query letter, now that I look at it.  @_@  Don't worry, I won't use it for that; I'll study Query Shark again before heading down that road, and I'll call myself lucky if I'm ready to query this book before the year's end.

But!  There you go, the basic characters and plot of The Accidental Warlock.  There's a ton more to it, as that covers only the first chapter and a half; most of the book is Shiloh and Alexi's journey as they try to get back to Shiloh's home city.  A lot changes for them along the way, and even more has changed by the time they get back.

Speaking of changes, it's editing time again.  Oi.  Hope you all enjoyed this.

Between now and the next blog entry, I'll make a valiant attempt at squeezing a plot out of one of the half-dozen different stories I have somewhere in the planning stages, and I'll blog about the results.  It might get ugly.


  1. There are a ton of query contests going on right now, so you might want to check out (nightmare on query street), (her secret agent contests have query letters and the agent feedback), and of course, the secret agent contests for first page plus agent feedback.

    1. Thank you. I'm not great at finding these things, but I'm getting out into the blogosphere more now (or at least the part we writers occupy), so I'll check those out.

  2. I was going to say the same thing as Rena! There are a bunch of great (free) chances to submit queries for agents, plus some great, less frightening contests that are just for feedback.

    All of that aside... thanks for the summary!!! It sounds unique and complex and interesting. I have to admit that I got a little lost inside that summary - there was a ton going on - BUT it's not a query, so that's totally OK :) And you totally blindsided me with the love story, which I LOVE (both the blindside and the story :) )

    1. Yeah, trying to cram sixteen pages into a few paragraphs is bound to get a little confusing; this whole thing reminded me of why I hate writing queries. The actual query will be longer, and I'll have the space to get into a little more detail. >_< But thank you. And the romance thing kind of blindsides Shiloh as well, it was tremendously fun to write. ^_^